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Take A Flavourful Tour Of Orlando With These 5 Must-Try Restaurants

Orlando, a city of Florida is famous not because of the beauties and the dreamlands it holds but it also popular because of the full-flavored and finger-licking food. 

Recently, Orlando has established some solid and fancy dining restaurants that offer yum-yum food to locals and visitors. No matter what you want to eat. Either it’s a desi Orlando dish or some Italian cuisine, Orlando will have every flavor to serve you. 

However, there are numerous five-star restaurants each having its own specialty, making it difficult to choose the best cuisine. Therefore to provide you with ease and to make your next trip full of flavours we have listed 5 Orlando restaurants that you must try.

Pack your bag and book your limo rental car service and make a tour to Orlando mouth-watering cuisines. 

Are you ready? 

Let’s start our flavourful tour in a fancy Limo car. Here we go!

1. Txokos Basque Kitchen

The first restaurant which we have selected is Txokos Basque Kitchen that offers unique and special dishes to foodies. The specialty of this dining restaurant is that it includes traditional touch in its food as it includes pure and local ingredients. 

The dishes that are on the top of this Orlando Kitchen are wood-grilled, cobia ceviche, salted fries with bone-in ribeye, and guindilla peppers. Moreover, this kitchen imports wine from Spain and France (from the Basque region) that adds a unique flavour in the food.

2. Cress

If you are a desi food lover who wants to have a taste of all the spice in a traditional way than Cress holds the best food dishes for you. It includes the flavours of Indian food including tikka masala, beans, and a fried egg. 

However, the Cress menu includes shrimp and grits along with a wide variety of starters. As a matter of fact, it’s starters are another specialty that includes Kurobuta pork belly, beans, winter greens, bacon gastrique, and a fried egg.

3. Shula’s Steak House:

On the third number, we have something very unique and different that is Shula’s steak house. Not only its name is amazing but the food and the variety of taste it offers are matchless. 

However, it offers appetizers, soups and salads, a variety of drinks and desserts but the steak of this dining restaurant is literary finger-licking. 

Black Angus Steak Tartare and it’s signature sauces including Chimichurri, Béarnaise Sauce, Hollandaise Sauce, Red Wine Sauce, and Horseradish Cream are worth mentioning.

4. Bocas Grill Orlando

Bocas Grill Orlando is a dining restaurant that offers foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch along with the drinks. The most famous cuisine of this Grill Orlando is Venezuelan and Latin. 

Menu of this top flavoured Orlando restaurant is full of appetizers, drinks, soups, salads, American rice, fried green plantains, noodles, chicken, meat, fish and a number of traditions and junk food items. No doubt each dish is yummy and offers a unique flavour but the item that has made Bocas Grill Orlando popular is its Breakfast. 

Bocas Grill Orlando offers breakfast with the flexibility to the customers to make their own breakfast by adding proteins, eggs and side items of their own choice. For example, you can choose from scrambled eggs with smoked vegetables or shredded beef with yellow sauce. The choice is all yours. 

5. The Melting Point:

The last flavourful Orlando restaurant is The Melting Point. As the name says the specialty of this top restaurant includes the touch of melting cheese and chocolates. 

However, it offers a full dinner menu but its best dishes include cheese fondue, Strawberry Pecan salad, and bananas foster. If you are a sweet food and dessert lover then melting point will be your go call and will serve you with the delicious food items. 

How To Plan A Trip To Orlando Top Restaurants?

Tasting the food of all the restaurants in a day might not be possible. If you are a local you can taste one restaurant in a day and so on. But if you are a visitor or planning to visit Orlando to have some appetizing food than you must plan your trip before heading out. 

However, you may plan to taste all these five restaurants in a day or two but the high traffic and the new routes may become a hurdle. In this case, the best solution is to hire a car service that knows all the routes and can take you from one restaurant to another at affordable rates. 

To have the best car rental service, book your car with Limousine Orlando, one of the best and reliable rental car service providers. Moreover, you can choose your favourite car from the list of cars and book it online. 

Thus there will be no hassle and you can travel from one restaurant to another quickly and easily with the best rental car service providers.

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